Friday, 26 March 2010

Latest statistics for WRRO

Usage of WRRO continues to rise. Data from Google Analytics shows 159,590 visits from 141,734 people from 203 countries/territories. Our most popular access route continues to be Google, generating 74% of our traffic. About 10% of users find us through a "referring site" - in other words, another web site linking to a page in WRRO. Over time, the % of our users who find us via linking sites is increasing. The most popular linking site is the University of Leeds Philosophy Department - e.g. Ross Cameron's web page. We also get accesses via wikipedia where White Rose papers have been linked from wikipedia articles. For example, this article on the Oldhams Limited cotton manufacturing companies links to Proctor & Toms' paper Procter, Stephen and Toms, Steven (2000) Growth, Profits and Technological Choice: The Case of the Lancashire Cotton Textile Industry, 1880-1914. Journal of Industrial History, 3 (1). pp. 54-72.

The top ten most popular terms typed into search engines which brought users to WRRO are:
"climate change"
"clinical decision making"
"decision making in nursing"
"clinical decision making in nursing"
"pornographic art"
"action research model"
"primeval games"
"permanent magnet generator"
"white rose research online"
"white rose repository"

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