Friday, 3 September 2010

RePosit project - publications management system deposit investigated

The JISC funded RePosit project (RePosit: positing a new kind of repository deposit) is investigating the effectiveness of a deposit tool in central research management system - Symplectic Elements - with a local institutional repository (WRRO). Many researchers at the University of Leeds interact with Symplectic on a regular basis and Symplectic acts as the university's central publication database. Shortly, depositors from Leeds will be able to upload full texts of their works to Symplectic; the metadata and any attached files will be immediately posted to WRRO for review. RePosit aims to create useful training materials / events to let depositors know about the new deposit route and obtain their feedback about it. We hope to see a rise in content over the course of the project and will be monitoring this closely.

Although University of Leeds is the project lead, the findings will be relevant for University of Sheffield (as a Symplectic site) and for the University of York. University of York is rolling out the PURE Campus Research Information System later this year. The outcomes from RePosit will be immediately relevant for York; it is envisaged PURE will become the main locus of deposit for WRRO content deposited by York researchers. A connector between the PURE system and WRRO is currently under development.
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