Tuesday, 29 July 2008

IncReASe Questionnaire Findings / Report

This week I'm working on the questionnaire report. This will provide a more detailed discussion of the results of the questionnaire. The findings document we've already produced has been well received so far. The results of the mandates questions have sparked some particular interest. This reflects the seemingly high positive response to the question of compliance. Hopefully the report will help illustrate this is not such a clear indication that mandates would work. The figures in the findings document include both those who would comply willingly and reluctantly. There is also some variation between the institutions. At one institution only 60% of respondents would comply willingly with an institutional mandate. This suggests the introduction of a mandate there would be unpopular with a considerable number of academics.

Also this week, we are meeting to discuss the progress of our interviews with academics. We have carried out about 5 so far and need to think about who else we want to target. We will look at whether the current interview schedule is working, and how the interview data might be used to create some case studies.

Anyway, back to the report writing!

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