Sunday, 3 August 2008

WRRO and arXiv

It's well known that researchers who routinely use arXiv may be reluctant to post their work to a local repository. The work is already openly accessible through a well established, well used service so isn't posting to a local repository simply redundant extra work?

We're keen to see all disciplines and research outputs captured by White Rose Research Online but none of us wants to duplicate effort. To offer a meaningful service to the physicist, mathematicians, computer scientists etc. who use arXiv we need to allow a single deposit to feed more than one system. When depositing in WRRO, we'd like to offer an option to Depost in arXiv, whereby the metadata and any attached files are pushed into arXiv. With work underway on developing and using the SWORD protocol (Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit) this service development is moving closer week by week. (See the SWORD / arXiv case study by Simeon Warner). However, perhaps a more likely scenario is that arXiv users continue to deposit in arXiv but that we identify WRRO content and pull it back into WRRO from arXiv. Or perhaps depositors will be able to PUT works into WRRO from arXiv - perhaps using SWORD. There are some interesting developments coming from Microsoft which could allow desktop to repository deposit - so perhaps the longer term solution will be single or multiple repository deposit from within Word. (See Microsoft Research Unveils Free Software Tools to Help Scholars and Researchers Share Knowledge.)

We hope that before too long WRRO will have more attractive options to offer arXiv users than simply asking them to duplicate work by adding works to both arXiv and WRRO. We'd be very happy to discuss possibilities with any arXiv users from the White Rose Universities; in any case, we will be identifying and contacting arXiv users with WRRO content during the course of the IncReASe project with a view to importing content from arXiv and, perhaps, offering local WRRO to arXiv deposit.

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